The Benefits of Alkaline Water for Optimized Health

Published: 14th September 2009
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Water has become very basic for us to the point that we may have overlooked it. Water is one of the most important factors that can determine health or illness. Simply put water is the foundation for life.

Our bodies are 70% water and our blood is 94% water. Since water is responsible for transportation and absorption of nutrients it can be considered the most important source of energy that we have! Consider that one of the first symptoms of dehydration can be fatigue.

For many people Americans the majority of the diet consists of fast food, high in protein, fat, sugar and carbohydrates, this is very acidic. Soda is also a source of acidity with an acidic range around 2.5 pH. "pH" is a measure of acidity or alkalinity in which the pH of pure water is 7, with lower numbers indicating acidity and higher numbers indicating alkalinity.

It apparently takes nearly 32 glasses of 7.0 pH water to eliminate the bad effects of 1 glass of soda according to some sources. Caffeine, sugar and smoking all create an acid environment in one's body, contributing to potential health problems.

Drinking alkaline water promotes optimal health and energy, particularly as acid water (less than pH 7) or the degree of acidity significantly affects the body's own ability to prevent illness and disease [including degenerative diseases].

According to Dr. Mark Cochran, in his book The Secrets of pH Concerning Health and Disease, in order to avoid disease and premature aging, the body should remain in a slightly alkaline condition.

Alkaline water will hydrate your body optimally according to many sources. Alkaline water helps to neutralize acids and remove toxins from the body. As you hydrate your body properly, you'll develop more of a thirst for water. It is interesting that food cravings are often the body's plea for water.

Get in the habit of drinking a glass of alkaline water when you get that "hunger pang" and see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised of how you feel not to mention eating less.

How is that for a simple but effective weight loss tip?

Dr. Dave Carpenter in his book Change Your Water Change Your Life recommends drinking half your body weight in ounces daily of alkaline water. He also recommends drinking it upon awakening and 15-20 minutes before meals to support digestion.

Dr. James Chappell is a noted author, internationally recognized medical consultant and a leading authority on natural healing concluded that "...anything that will increase alkalinity within a balanced limitation would therefore be a health benefit" in his article The Importance of Water to the Human Body.

There are several methods to improve the quality of your drinking water: home water distillers, water ionizers, reverse osmosis water filters, adding an alkalizing, pH boosting supplement to the water and something simple like squeezing fresh lemon or lime juice into the water.

Each has advantages and disadvantages but all are better than tap or bottled water. Ideally the method you choose is inexpensive, accessible anywhere, easy to use and maintains stability (remains alkaline).

In summary, there are several reasons t drink ionized, alkaline water:

• 1) Optimal Cellular Hydration

• 2) Promotes Alkalinity In Your Body

• 3) Helps with Nutrient Delivery To Your Cells

• 4) Aids In Detoxification

• 5) Provide Negative Ions neutralize Free Radicals

• 6) Improves Taste

Water is the foundation for our bodies which consist of at least 70% water. It makes sense to drink alkaline water and use alkaline water based products that help improve your health. This also applies to foods as well. A diet that is at least 60% alkaline will keep you in better balance; some sources say 65-70%.

There are many things that we cannot control. We can control for the most part what we eat and drink. Make positive changes today that will result in a healthier life and quality of life.

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